For over half my life I have been a spiritual seeker,following the flow of life wherever it takes me.
It's more and more an acceptance, relaxation and giving myself the space to sit back and appreciate simply what is and who I am.

I've been visiting India for the past 30 years,and it was there I experienced my first samadhi (spiritual awakening).
Going back overland for the first time in 1975 (you could then) I got a taste for the life where anything can happen (and it probably will !) and now return to India every winter.
After five years travelling in India and enjoying the party and yoga scene in Goa I met the enlightened mystic,Osho, and took sannyas initiation (a commitment to the spiritual journey) in 1980.

After many personal growth workshops and precious time spent with Osho, I worked and trained in the ashram in Pune until Osho left his body in 1990.
Back in England, I met Veeresh, one of Osho's favourite disciples and joined the Four Year Therapist Training based out of Osho Leela, graduating in 1999.

By then Tyohars commune was calling and I visited Costa Rica in 2001 but though I loved it there I felt it wasn't the place for me to settle. I came back to England and lived very happily and communally with fellow trainees in Muswell Hill, working as a massage therapist and teaching yoga, still visiting India every winter.

In 2000 I trained as a colonic hydrotherapist and in 2004 joined The Association and Register of Colonic Hydrotherapists.

I'm now living in Brighton and visiting Osho Leela to develop my skills as a workshop leader , as well as spending time with my friends in beautiful St Ives in Cornwall land visiting India in the winter months both to run workshops and attend advanced yoga workshops myself

Hope to catch up with you somewhere along the road!