The soundtrack for your holiday:the crashing of the waves,the wind in the palms,the distant hum of India,land of the Buddhas.
Let the sun soften your body and Goan hospitality your heart,while the yoga nurtures your spirit.

Relaxation,nothing to do,just let go into your being…
Get up for yoga while the day’s still fresh,breakfast with friends,stories shared.
Long sunny days to do what YOU want.
Coming together at sunset to tune back in and remember your uniqueness in music,meditation and massage.Then off to eat wonderful Goan food under the stars.More than a yoga holiday:a time of self-discovery.

Sunset:the crow caws,wind rustles in the palm leaves,sun reflects off the water as it sinks into the ocean and somewhere,Deva Premal is playing.

I drop inside,feel good….Goa’s working its magic...