I'm Penny and I've been practising asanas ever since my childhood.
I love how good yoga makes me feel and how it helps keep me healthy,healthy.happy.centred and grounded.
And I love all the wonderful people I have met through it and really enjoy taking them into silence.

For me its all about going in, not just how good a position you can hold,and the subtle quality of hatha yoga is this inner emphasis.

Yoga gives perspective, a distance, so we are not engulfed by all the tension and chaos in our lives and in the world.
It's very important to have choice in life to have the ability to go inside and always to have that clear space to come home to.



I run classes and workshops in Goa,Dorset and Cornwall for both beginners,intermediate and more advanced students.

I am Fully qualified, Registered and Insured.

So whether new to yoga or experienced, in the leafy countryside of Dorset,amongst the cliffs and standing stones of West Cornwall or the shady palm groves of Goa,you are very welcome to join us on your yoga journey